Bag repair

Bag restoration

If you have a leather bag to repair bring it to us and see if it can be repaired and or restored.

Ladybolsos Leather bags in Madrid

Restoring a LOEWE portfolio that over time had literally been undone

Leather restorations

Before beginning, it is appreciated that the exterior, although it had discolored with use, was in a more than acceptable state.

Bolso defectuoso

The interior, however LOEWE it may be, is something else, ALL the signature bags that were made with that material, over time, which not from use, they have been spoiled

Bag arrangement in madrid

et voilà!, after a lot of work disassembling piece by piece, the miracle worked. a new interior in Black pekary leather, amending the flat to LOEWE

brand bag arrangement

Now we will see what is spoiled before, if the outer skin or my inner work

bolsos de moda

Guaranteed that it is not easy, nor of course cheap, for the owner the result was worth it, today I would dare to say that nobody has the knowledge or the ability to do this job.

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