We are not newcomers to this craft. Over 40 years of family tradition behind us, a lot of training and most importantly, a lot of experience.

We are not for those who invest thousands of Euros on marketing, packaging, advertising, etc. ... and when you open the shipment you've received, i has nothing to do with what you bought.

We are not a brand that sells "added value" of a product. We have no cheating,the leather handbags are with good quality at a fair price.

We are not of those who use misleading words like "organic leather", "leatherette" etc. Which are nothing more than fancy names to refer to plastic.

We are not of those who insult your intelligence by putting unreal prices consistent with the quality offered in the product. Our handbags cost what they cost, no more, no less. And do not expect a big off at the end of the season

We are not of those who have store design or website design. We are humble because luckily that's very cheap and do not have to increase it in the final price.


We are Anabella and Antonio. we work every day to put at your disposal a good quality product it worth paying. Because your handbag will be many years with you , it will have a good old age, it will be what you needed and at the end of all that, you will realize that is no longer an object, it will be the handbag accompanied you on that special occasion, the handbag that carried on toys of your children, the handbag that your mother or your husband gifted you before marriage. Anyway .... A long life object, is not only an object. A long life object ... are memories.