leather bag restoration

If you have a leather bag to repair.

Ladybolsos Leather Bags in Madrid

Restoring a portfolio of LOEWE that with the passage of time had been destroyed, literally

Ladybolsos leather bags in Madrid 

; Before, we see that the road but had faded with use, it was a more than acceptable state, the quality of the leather is more than proven

Ladybolsos leather handbags in Madrid 

The interior much LOEWE it is otherwise, all signature bags that were manufactured with this material, with the passage of time, not use, have spoiled

Ladybolsos leather handbags in Madrid

As you can see, the state is more than regrettable.

Once disarmed, are eager to work.

lady bolsos leather factory

Ladybolsos leather in Madrid Bags

et voila, after much work dismantling piece by piece, the miracle occurred. a new interior Black Leather Peccary

Ladybolsos leather handbags in Madrid 

Now we will see what that breaks down sooner if the outer skin or my work inside

how to make miracles

Ladybolsos leather in Madrid

Guaranteed that is not easy, nor cheap, of course, to the owner the result was worth it, today I would say that nobody has any the knowledge or the ability to do such a work of art

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